According to the South African POPI Act which has come into effect from today 1 July 2021, Bluestone Equestrian would like to assure you that every possible step has been taken to protect your personal information.
We are obliged to ask each person associated with Bluestone Equestrian 2 questions:
1. Do you want to be part of Bluestone Equestrian?
2. Do you undertake not to use the personal information of our
members elsewhere?
If you answered YES to the questions above, please remain a part of Bluestone Equestrian. No further reply is necessary.
If you answered NO to the questions above, please kindly remove yourself from any association with Bluestone Equestrian for everyone’s safety.
Thank you for your kind co-operation,
Bluestone Equestrian 🐎

Author: Fernanda Dos Santos

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